Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NorxonoxDie Wagnis Klasse hat die folgenden Aufgaben:
 NstdSTL namespace
 C_ENetAddressPortable internet address structure
 C_ENetCompressorAn ENet packet compressor for compressing UDP packets before socket sends or receives
 C_ENetEventAn ENet event as returned by enet_host_service()
 C_ENetHostAn ENet host for communicating with peers
 C_ENetPacketENet packet structure
 C_ENetPeerAn ENet peer which data packets may be sent or received from
 CConverterStringStreamFallback template for stringstream
 CConverterStringStream< FromType, std::string >Template that evaluates whether we can convert to std::string via ostringstream
 CConverterStringStream< std::string, ToType >Template that evaluates whether we can convert from std::string via istringstream
 CIsCallableChecks if a type is callable
 CIsCallableImplImplementation of IsCallable
 CLuaTBMakes certain functions visible to lua while staying type-safe on the C++ side
 CLuaTBTypedStackRepresents a typed version of the lua stack
 CTiXmlAttributeAn attribute is a name-value pair
 CTiXmlBaseTiXmlBase is a base class for every class in TinyXml
 CTiXmlCommentAn XML comment
 CTiXmlDeclarationIn correct XML the declaration is the first entry in the file
 CTiXmlDocumentAlways the top level node
 CTiXmlElementThe element is a container class
 CTiXmlHandleA TiXmlHandle is a class that wraps a node pointer with null checks; this is an incredibly useful thing
 CTiXmlNodeThe parent class for everything in the Document Object Model
 CTiXmlPrinterPrint to memory functionality
 CTiXmlStylesheetReferenceA stylesheet reference looks like this:
 CTiXmlTextXML text
 CTiXmlUnknownAny tag that tinyXml doesn't recognize is saved as an unknown
 CTiXmlVisitorIf you call the Accept() method, it requires being passed a TiXmlVisitor class to handle callbacks