Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oENet host functions
oENet global functions
oENet private implementation functions
|oENet internal callbacks
|\ENet linked list utility functions
oENet socket functions
oENet address functions
oENet packet functions
oENet peer functions
oException-safe code
oUtilThe util library contains several functions, classes, and templates that can be used in different parts of the Orxonox-code
|oConversion functions
|oExceptions and assertions
|oMathematical functions
|oOutput system
|oSingletons and Scope
|\String functions
oCoreThe core library contains the framework of Orxonox - all important classes, functions, and macros that are used to create and manage classes and objects
|oGraphics and GUI
|oThread pool
|oClass management
|oObject management
||oRegisterObject() and RegisterClass()
||oObject-lists and iterators
||\StrongPtr<T> and WeakPtr<T>
||oArgument completion
||oCommand execution and evaluation
||oConsole commands
||oFunctor and Executor
||oShell and console
||oCommandline arguments
||\Config file
||oCore and Game
| oLoader
| oTemplate
| \XMLPort
oNetworkThe network library is used to connect clients and server, to synchronize objects and variables, and to transmit network function calls
oToolsThe tools are a bunch of utilities that belong to the Orxonox library, but are independent of other features
oOrxonoxThe Orxonox library contains the central and most important classes of the game
\ModulesThe modules are libraries that depend on the Orxonox library and that are loaded dynamically on runtime (in contrast to statically loaded libraries like util and core)
 oNotificationsNotifications are short messages, that can be sent from anywhere in Orxonox and then are displayed on the screen to inform the user about some occurence he has to know about
 |\DispatchersNotificationDispatchers are entities that are instantiated in a level file (through XML) and that dispatch (or send) a specific Notification upon having received a triggering event
 |oTriggersTriggers are objects which react to certain events
 ||oTriggerTriggers are objects which react to certain events by changing their boolean state
 ||\MultiTriggerMultiTriggers are (as they are Triggers) objects which react to certain events
 oPickupThe Pickup module adds a special type of object to Orxonox, the so-called Pickupables
 |\ItemsThe actual pickups can be found here
 oPongPong is a minigame
 oPortalsThis module allows you to place PortalEndPoints in space and connect pairs of them with a PortalLink in order to allow fast travelling from A to B
 oQuestsystemThe Questsystem is a module that enhances Orxonox with Quests
 |\EffectsA QuestEffect is a device for Quests to have side effects
 \WeaponsThe Weapons module adds additional weapons to the Orxonox arsenal
  oMunitionsThe different munitions
  oProjectilesThe different projectiles
  \Weapon ModesThe different weapon modes