Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
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orxonox::LANDiscovery Class Reference

#include </home/jenkins/workspace/orxonox_doxygen_trunk/src/libraries/network/LANDiscovery.h>

Inheritance diagram for orxonox::LANDiscovery:
orxonox::Singleton< LANDiscovery >

Public Member Functions

 LANDiscovery ()
 ~LANDiscovery ()
void discover ()
std::string getServerListItemIP (unsigned int index)
std::string getServerListItemName (unsigned int index)
std::string getServerListItemPlayerNumber (unsigned int index)
std::string getServerListItemRTT (unsigned int index)

Static Public Member Functions

static LANDiscoverygetInstance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from orxonox::Singleton< LANDiscovery >
static bool exists ()
 Tells whether the singleton has been created. More...
static LANDiscoverygetInstance ()
 Returns a reference to the singleton instance. More...

Private Attributes

std::vector< packet::ServerInformationservers_

Static Private Attributes

static LANDiscoverysingletonPtr_s


class Singleton< LANDiscovery >

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from orxonox::Singleton< LANDiscovery >
 Singleton ()
 Constructor sets the singleton instance pointer. More...
virtual ~Singleton ()
 Destructor resets the singleton instance pointer. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

orxonox::LANDiscovery::LANDiscovery ( )
orxonox::LANDiscovery::~LANDiscovery ( )

Member Function Documentation

void orxonox::LANDiscovery::discover ( )
static LANDiscovery& orxonox::LANDiscovery::getInstance ( )
std::string orxonox::LANDiscovery::getServerListItemIP ( unsigned int  index)
std::string orxonox::LANDiscovery::getServerListItemName ( unsigned int  index)
std::string orxonox::LANDiscovery::getServerListItemPlayerNumber ( unsigned int  index)
std::string orxonox::LANDiscovery::getServerListItemRTT ( unsigned int  index)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Singleton< LANDiscovery >

Member Data Documentation

ENetHost* orxonox::LANDiscovery::host_
std::vector<packet::ServerInformation> orxonox::LANDiscovery::servers_
LANDiscovery* orxonox::LANDiscovery::singletonPtr_s

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