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Latest screenshot ( winter 15 )

Welcome to Orxonox city… …where the sky is blue… …and the ships are pretty!
The last sunrays of the day Dusk in Orxonox city Spaceships go to bed now
The sky is full with mines Explosion Face to face
Let's play a little game! Found some flags in the maze Follow me!

Glow effects

Older screenshots ( winter 11 )

Screenshot of Lastmanstanding gametype
Survive in the asteroid dome to be the last man standing

Older screenshots ( summer 10 )

Not an actual screenshot, but an artwork based on a screenshot (big version here).

Older screenshots ( dezember 09 )

Older screenshots ( summer 09 )

Is it too hard, you are too weak. Who said speed of light is the limit? Don't let it get away!
Pong (Minigame) Inferno Infight

Older screenshots (spring 09)

Bloom (postprocessing shader) The sky is burning Mission accomplished
Cooperative attack Don't look back Dark sun

Older screenshots ( summer 08 )

Shot of an explosion Smoking enemies are goners Resistance is futile
Use of shaders and better light Bump mapping on an asteroid The DuBall space station in-game
Some Action with AI enemies And another one Current main menu


Advanced Space Superiority Fighter Pirate Interceptor A space ship
Finished model of a drone Light Escort Ship Model of a bomber
Untextured model of a FPS hand gun The robot content/models/Otmarb Ship of a human fraction
Untextured model of a turret Untextured model of a space cruiser Untextured model of a space station


State of winter 08

In-game view of the new spaceship Basic flocking algorithms Shooting an enemy robot out of the sky

State of summer 07

Shaft in the moon station Deserted moon station Commando bridge
Outside view of station Air conditioning system Core of Asteroid
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