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Modelling Project: Drone

Author : Janis Edelmann

Ticket #225


  • Creating the model and textures of a small flying drone, which can be implemented in the FPS levels.


Allthough the ticket describes an attack drone I decided to implement an observer drone with no weapons of its own. It could fly arround the levels and on spotting the player activate the defence system of the space station or ship with the result that the place would be swarming with attack robots (or similar non healthy consequences).


7.11.07 : After drawing some sketches I have nearly finished modeling the drone by now and will soon be able to start with the textures.

14.11.07 : Today I finished my model which means I'm in the planned timetable and from next week on I'll focus on creating cool textures

Putting in loads of hours of work i managed to create
a texture and now the finished model looks like this:

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