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Dominik Schmidbauer

Tim and me worked together on the outline of the looks of the human fleet. He creates the spacecruiser and I the Spaceship. They should fit together in looking and size. So the cruiser should be big enough to house many ships and everything else.

At first I began to create one half of a ship and then mirroring it, but it didn't look as expected, so i dumped it all and started from fresh. Here is with what I began.

First phase of construction.

The I created the cockpit and began with the wings.

The exhaust and the wings ready.

Then I finished almost everything I wanted this Wednesday.

Today I thought about, how the flaps in the front could look better, and Felix came up with this idea.
After this change and a little down-poly to 830 faces, it now looks more or less like this, because some faces in the rendering look like triangles which they are not actually.

And this is how it looks textured and ready to rumble:
From above:

Nice, isn't it?

A few changes

Hi, i modified the model a little bit. The face count was reduced by about 100 faces and is now 845. Excess faces were removed. Some smoothing has been done also. Several parts of the model were re-modelled. Greetings, Felix

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