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Here we gather features that we just brainstormed and not planned to implement yet. There are vague and probably have to be rewritten, merged or split once somebody decides to implement them.

You're welcome to just add your ideas or suggestions. No need for specifics, but we may get back to you with questions.

Here we gather old tickets from OrxonoxV0 (pre-Ogre version of Orxonox). This is because we don't want to miss the ideas we had back then, which we might want to implement in the current version of Orxonox.

Here we go again. Orxonox (with Ogre) is started with this milestone.

These are our goals:

  • Create a basic concept of the framework (with of course room for improvement)
  • A working, but very rudimentary network support (also with much room for improvement)
  • A easy to use particle system with a set of popular effects
  • Concept of a simple but appealing HUD
  • Basic AI for space ships
  • Models of a space cruiser, drones, robots and ships
  • Support of physics
  • Make it possible to use XML files for save games and levels and more data
  • Sound support (simple at the moment)
  • Skybox generator

This milestone denotes the visible horizon with the framework development.

Our main goal: Finish the most important framework modules and also create a viable concept for our world hierarchy.

This is what we want to do to achieve this:

  • Separation of client and server module in engine
  • Another great leap in network support (maybe even supporting playing in LAN)
  • Creating some good looking effects to make Orxonox a better view
  • Enhance HUD for a better look and feel
  • Have an acceptable AI to test the game
  • Basic collision detection and reaction
  • Emphasise work on easy to use control of space ships
  • Implement some of the basic level features like pickups and quests
  • Equip our space ship with some basic functionalities
  • Last but not least: Get the most important modules of the framework done
  • Work out specific characteristics of space ship and its upgrades
  • Create missions and mission dialog

Next iteration of the Orxonox PPS

Main topic: Create a playable game out of the existing framework!

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.