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Orxonox - the hottest 3D action shooter ever to exist

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PPS in FS19 — February 2019

Once more it is time for a new and exciting Orxonox PPS. We, the PPS teaching assistants, are thrilled to announce that this semester the PPS is held for students of the 3rd and 4rd semester of the D-ITET. With a lot of manpower we are looking forward to a semester full of exciting new ideas. Please have a look at the PPS site and download the game (or have a look at the screenshots) for more details.
If you have any questions regarding the PPS (or anything else regarding Orxonox) please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to our PPS and we hope to have a lot of fun developing Orxonox together.

Orxonox Trailer

Enjoy the latest orxonox trailer:


Orxonox is a computer game - Orxonox is a spacecraft shooter that plays in the post-apocalyptic world of our future. Humanity struggles to survive under the threat of wars, economic and ecological disasters. A lot of people search for their luck in the vast space of the solar system. But the human race faces extinction when they realize they are not alone in the galaxy. The Noxons, an evil alien species, believes the human race must be destroyed to free themselves from their cruel god Nox.

Orxonox is an open source project - We started the project in May 2004 as a two-man team and have written large parts of our engine by ourselves. As the open source community provides many excellent libraries, we try to incorporate the best suited libraries and focus on the game mechanics. That's why in 2007 we decided to exchange our own graphics engine with the open source engine Ogre. Find out more about us.

Orxonox is a community - For us the community is very important and thus the multi player mode deserves special focus. We work together with the community to develop new game modes. Play with your friends at a LAN party or over the Internet. Our game modes support up to about 16 players and multiple teams. Meet the team.

Become a part of Orxonox and help the development team to create new features (like a first person shooter), levels and content. Write a post in our forum to tell us about your ideas or read this site to find out about our ideas. Contact us!

Orxonox is a PPS - Orxonox is partly developed by students of the ETH Zürich. We offer a PPS course for students in the first and second year of their studies at the D-ITET. If you are interested in our teaching or if you're a student studying at the D-ITET, we will be glad to give you more information on the PPS site.

Orxonox is buggy? - Please submit your bug reports here (registration necessary).

Orxonox is free! - You can get Orxonox for free. Check out the download page for further details.

Download Orxonox:

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