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Creating a SpaceCruiser


Tim Widmer


The goal of this ticket is to create a huge SpaceCruiser, which will be the base of the SpaceShip(s). The Player will start and land from the SpaceCruiser. See also ticket #240

Generel Ideas

Dominik and I thought the SpaceShip and the SpaceCruiser should look similar, but this will mainly be done withe texture. The Spacecruiser should look massive and huge. So the main shape was more a solid block then something subtile. Not like the fighter, I created first the main shape of the Cruiser and added then some details.

Development steps

see svn data

The very beginning

SpaceCruiser basic

a little bit further ( creating a hangar)

SpaceCruiser medium

top view

SpaceCruiser medium2

newest version

rendered version

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