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Advance Space Superiority Fighter - (ASSF)

I was bored during easter, so I started modeling a fighter. The ASSF is the result

Current State


The model has been partially remade. Especially some smoothing (see nose), adding polygons and removing minor details, where it seemed nescessary. Furthermore, the model was uv-mapped freshly and the texture has been completely redrawn. This is the result; the face count is now slightly under 800. Click image to enlarge.

ASSF5, rebuilt texture

The old texture was just crappy - esp because I missed the opportunity to arrange the parts properly.
currently it has much less structure in it, but I indent to come up with a away to add some detail. As note, i folded many parts, so just adding some scrapes on one parts get a mirrored version on the other. this might look ugly…

And i need to fix the lightening Fixed Lightening; added missiles (Jan '08)

ASSF3, after retrofit

Some people told the this balloon or what ever it supposed to be look butt ugly, especially if this is going to be a player, in which case it would be always in front….
enjoy the the overhaul, the painting still need some doing.

(Xmas '07)


ASSF, final

the ASSF in it full beauty

(Summer '07)

ASSF, v8-3 \w weapons

An ASSF equipped with:

  • 4 RF-Cannons
  • 2 Blaster5a (aka. Nadion Lasers)
  • 2 Blaster6 (aka. Plasma-Gun)
  • 1 Spacestation Turret (aka. Point Defensive System, PDS)
  • 6 Mavericks
  • 4 Missile13 (aka. MICA)
  • 1 Missile7d1 (aka JAM-B )

(Around Easter '07)

ASSF, v8 \w weapons

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