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Practical for Students of the ETH Zurich at the departement ITET


In 2004, Patrick Boenzli? and Benjamin Grauer started to create Orxonox. In the autumn semester of 2005, they decided to offer Orxonox as a PPS at the ETH. The goal was to teach the students about open source development and to deepen their knowledge of programming and modeling and, last but not least, to create a cool game.

Since that time a lot has changed: The two fathers of Orxonox finished their studies and so former students of the PPS took over and continued the PPS. Every semester, the growing group of developers meet and organize a new PPS. There they try to learn from earlier mistakes and to build on gained experience. Because in the end, all we want is our students to be happy with their work and experience in our PPS.

Important resources

Coding guides, help, documentation: Coding? (read this!)
Installing and building Orxonox: LinuxTardis?

Administrative Information

If you're a student at the ETH Zürich at the departement ITET and you're in the 3rd to 6th semester, you can participate in our PPS. The Project is intended for students interested in game development or programming and modeling in general. Feel free to look around on our page to find something you're interested in.

3rd to 6th Semester

Facts about our PPS for the 3rd to 6th semester:

  • You get 3KP
  • The PPS takes place on Thursday, 13:15 until 16:00
  • The PPS starts on 2 March 2017
  • Room: ETZ D96

For more information feel free to contact the PPS leaders:

  • Maxim Aebischer (maxima@…)
  • Florian Zinggeler (zifloria@…)
  • Patrick Wintermeyer (patricwi@…)
  • Cyrill Burgener (bucyril@…)
Date Room Topic Slides
2 mar ETZ D96 Introduction and Tools (wiki, forum, svn and blender), Download the game, Blender Tutorial, Blender to Orxonox Introduction, Blender
9 mar ETZ D96 Framework and coding tutorial? and level design tutorial Framework, Level design, Handout
16 mar ETZ D96 Choose the projects, start planning.
23 mar ETZ D96 Project Work
30 mar ETZ D96 1st Review / Project Work
6 apr ETZ D96 Project Work
13 apr ETZ D96 Project Work
20 apr Easter Break
27 apr ETZ D96 2nd Review / Project Work
4 may ETZ D96 Project Work
11 may ETZ D96 3rd Review / Project Work
18 may ETZ D96 Presentation Preparation / Polish Up
25 may Ascension Day (Auffahrt)
1 jun TBD Presentation
  • Requirements: You should at least be able to work on a computer. Most things will be taught by us, but we're not unhappy if you already know stuff about open source development tools.
    • Coding: Knowledge from the first year of the electrical engineering studies is sufficient
    • Design: Basic knowledge of image editing or 3D modeling
  • Also: This is not a useless PPS, where you learn nothing and just get it over with. Everything you do in the PPS will be used in Orxonox and helps to make it better. In addition you learn a lot about how to work with others and participate in a project.

Recommended Projects

Ticket Summary Owner Project-Page
#425 Explosion parts for spaceships and other objects
#391 Story Mode Map
#429 Upgrades for Spaceships in Campaign
#381 Waypoints/Quest Guide
#404 Revamp the Spaceships
#372 HUD concept
#370 System for interactive dialogue
#408 Formation Level
#392 Scriptable Controller
#409 Multiplayer: Masterserver debugging/extension

Alternative Projects can be found here. Of course own creative ideas are always welcome!

PPS Archive

Have a look at the past PPS semesters in the PPS Archive?.

PPS Administration

How to lead a PPS? - Some notes about the last PPS, so we can improve the next one (Don't take everything too seriously)

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