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We're always interested in recruiting new talented developers to make our game better. If you're a good programmer or a gifted designer you're welcome to join us, there's a lot to do in the development of Orxonox

The following page gives you an overview of what you should know about Orxonox.


Orxonox is mainly a spaceshooter, but other elements like first person shooter or vehicles are planned because we like a wide variety of gamemodes.

Orxonox is developed by students at the ETH Zürich in an official practical and in the spare time of some more motivated students and external developers.

Orxonox is an open source game, released under GPL (code) and CC-by-sa (content) license. Read this for more information.


If you're interested in helping us developing Orxonox, first contact us in the forum, per mail or in IRC.

If you know already a lot about Orxonox, you can just start working after talking to us. If you're new to Orxonox, you're welcome to join the PPS or read the PPS tutorials by yourself.


If you're interested in programming, you might want to read this page. We're programming in C++, using CMake to build our project and SVN to synchronize the code among different developers. There's a lot to learn about our framework, this gives you an overview and the Documentation will help understanding our code. There is also a list of important topics in the HowTo section and a FAQ you might want to read.

We're always interested in good coders with cool ideas, experience with other projects and an addiction to games.


If you want to create some content for our game, this page will give you an overview. Our models are created in Blender and our Textures in GIMP. Of course you can use other tools but we can't guarantee support.

We can use almost every sort of help, so you're always welcome to create nice models, textures or levels for Orxonox.

We also need sounds and music, so if you're interested in making Orxonox audible, please contact us.

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