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Content Creation

Besides the program code a big part of developing a game is content. We define content as everything from simple graphics, models, textures, sound effects and music to story and mission design. For Orxonox we usually distinguish between coding work and content creation (short: CC) work, but there are also many mixed tasks, where a little coding, but also design skill is necessary.

In our gallery our artists can show off their work (finished or unfinished). The Story and Ideas can be found here while general information about the universe of Orxonox can be found on this page.

Content Creation Tools

Because we started this project as a coding challenge, we plan to create some content automatically or write easy to use editors so creating levels and other content can be created faster, better and more easy. Nevertheless designers are always necessary, because an algorithm cannot create everything a creative mind can.

Help Needed

So what we need are many people willing to contribute their great ideas in the form of concept art, models, levels, sound and last but not least story and ideas on the universe. To get an idea of what we are talking about, read through the Story of Orxonox or visit the Gallery. If you like science fiction like Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, the Alien trilogy, Blade Runner & Babylon 5 you are a perfect match!

Do you think about giving it a try and contributing to the project? Then we would like to point you to the tutorials page. There you can learn about the software tools used to create content for the game. Also keep in mind that we have some guide lines which you please follow if you plan on working on content creation.

Content Creation State Timeline

We quickly mention here how far we've gotten with our content in general and what needs work the most at the moment.

State of Fall 2010

We have enough content to create many levels. The different gamemodes allow us to already have very different game experiences for the player all included in a single game.

However without clear design guidelines, models and textures won't fit in together. Also with a better Universe and Story we could find out what content (and coding features) are missing to make the game exciting. This is why we're planning our first official story level which should be a tutorial into Orxonox at the same time. It should not only introduce the player to the features of the game, but also to the story and universe of Orxonox.

State of Fall 2008

Until now, we have enough material to create a rudimentary scene. However, it is not yet enough for a thrilling and action-packed level in space. What we need first is a realizable story and a powerful framework to support the game. Of course, this our next goal.

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