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Module Description

A list of the most important modules in the framework of Orxonox.


An easy way to write output to the console, the logfile and the ingame shell

Convert values and pass them to functions without caring about the type


Identify classes and store information in a "virtual static" manner

Make values configurable in a config-file

Use command line arguments to control Orxonox

Bind functions, objects and arguments to call a function whenever and wherever you want

Execute functions through a string

Create objects through a string

Handle input and bind functions

Register all existing objects in lists and iterate through them

Initialize the different parts of the engine in a controlled way

Load and save objects and whole levels with XML files

Call functions of the baseclass without caring about the class hierarchy


Play the game with other people


How to use the Lua script engine of Orxonox

Use a powerful console by activating Tcl

Graphical Interfaces

Show some information on the screen

Graphical User Interface to help the user to interact with menus, buttons, lists and windows in Orxonox.


Play the game against a smart AI

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