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Felix Schulthess' Site


What am I doing for Orxonox? My skills are mainly in the 3d-sector, but I have also contributed to the occasional coding task. Since Spring 2008, I am an PPS-Assistant and try to help students with their projects where I can. Apart from that, I make some models and textures for Orxonox. Up to now, I have worked on the following:

Robot: Otmarb


Pulse Handgun

Pirate Interceptor

Pirate Carrier

Light Escort Ship

Transport Ship

Heavy Gun

About Me

I'm studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zürich since 2006. 3d-modelling has long fascinated me and I wanted to do something creative outside the normal lessons. Orxonox seems like a great opportunity to do this.


Mail: felischuateedotethzdotch

Forum: BadElvis


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