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Development State

This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

We are currently working on the Orxonox-v2 0.2 Alpha Codename: Bellatrix release.


Orxonox consists out of a variety of modules on which we're working constantly. A list of our plans can be found in this section. Check out our working topics to see what we are working on right now and for even more up-to-date information you may have a look on the timeline. If you're interested in our code, just browse the source.


At the moment we have approximately 8 coders and 2 modelers working on the project. This number changes all the time, because a lot of us work on it during their free time and only a part is done by students who get credit points for their work on Orxonox.


We want present a list to summarize the modules:

  • We have a rough concept of the universe where we have placed in our story. We're working out details as we go on with the mission design.
  • You can fly a space ship! Unfortunately in the level there is not much to do yet. Anyways: You can fly around and check out the level.
  • Levels are loaded via an XML-file. There you can easily add or remove models to have a look at them. Be careful though when editing game data.
  • Models of space ships, drones, robots and space stations are in use to populate the level with life and excitement. For better atmosphere we also have a variety of asteroids and space junk.
  • Shoot with your lasers! Hit your enemies with your weapons and watch the graphical effects. Unfortunately you cannot destroy anything.
  • Observe basic AI which controls ships flying in formation and evading obstacles.

If you want to help us to make the game better check out this page to get more information on how you can contribute.