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Concept Paper

This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

This page is loaded with not only ideas, but detailed information about the style, story and universe of Orxonox. Check out the timetable to this project: Concept Paper Roadmap
If there is anything you want to criticize or add, please write a comment email to me or post in the content forum.


We need people who are really talented with models of spaceships, rockets, weapons and Noxons. The modeling guidelines can be found on the wiki-pages for the Noxons, Asheroc, humans ot the technology.


Place: Solar system
Populated Planets (by humans): Earth, Mars
Other known planets: Jupiter is a rich source of gas (hydrogen), Saturn may also be suitable for hydrogen harvesting.
Year: around 2100
Two alien races, the Noxons and the Asheroc, are a lot stronger and more progressed.

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The human race is on an ongoing downfall. Economical and the technological progress have come to an end. The youth has fallen into depression because the planet they were born on has been polluted and exploited by their forefathers. They kill their time with drugs.

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The Noxons awoke all of humanity's fears of biological weapons. The Noxons symbolize evolution on drugs. All their technology for space travel is based on breeding biological cells into shapes and functions needed. They ssem to possess no higher intelligence but instead have very strong carnivorous and territorial instincts. Their existence could put an end to the human race. With the Noxons humanity also discovered Orx, a very useful but extremely dangerous material.

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The Asheroc came to the solar system watching us. The humans know nothing about the Asheroc, except for how their science facilities on the rim of the solar system looks. Asheroc technology doesn't appear to be bound to the laws of physics and seems to consist of pure energy put into a form.

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Human Technology

Mainly what the technology is nowadays. The Moore's law has been broken in 2030. The most important new technology is the Hydro-drive, which makes it possible for big spaceships to travel at a speed up to 2.5 Million kilometers per hour (light travels at 1.1 Billion kilometers per hour). The Hydro-drive is used for interplanetary travel from Earth to Mars (travel time: between 22,5 hours and 5 days) or from Earth to Jupiter (travel time: between 10 days and more than two weeks). The Hydro-drive was invented in 2035 and is controlled explosion of an H-Bomb.
Mankind has also made progress in the field of biomedical engineering. Most humans have implants supporting their brain functions, making them see further, react faster und think harder.

Alien Technology

The technology of both alien races is yet beyond the understanding of human scientists. The Noxons have no better understanding of the physics of the universe, still their ships travel at very high speed. The Asheroc appear to travel through the universe by folding space with wormhole technology.

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Character have their individual personality. The player awakes in the role of the main character and is introduced to the situation on earth by an intro sequence.

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The first level plays during the invasion of the Noxons. The player knows no more than any other human at that time.

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Here are a bunch of concept drawings or models, which are guidelines for the content creators.
The buildings on Earth and Mars don't look the same, but similar, since there were all made by humans. Since Earth has been populated for a very long time, the buildings there are old and ruined. The buildings on Mars are relatively new, the post-apocalyptic style isn't that noticeable here.
Noxon spaceships and buildings are entirely organical. Everything is alive in a strange and horrifying way. Noxons inspire an animalic fear in humans; the fear of evolution running rampant. Where human buildings, machines and ships are rectangular, Noxons "units" know no simple or visible geometrical rules. Every race and every place where the player gets to has to have its own unique and distinctive style.

Humans (Earth)

As the year is 2100, there are still a lot of nowadays's buildings on Earth.

Humans (Mars)

Here the buildings are relatively new, but already decay is noticeable.

Humans (Outposts)

The nearly abandoned outposts are very crappy. The lack of supplies can be seen from far away.

Humans (Spaceships)

Human ships are melded from metal. They are mostly rusty and look like space shuttles or airplanes.

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Noxons (Spaceships)

All Noxon technology is entirely biological. The player can easily see that the Noxons are evil. A good example are the Shivans spaceships in Freespace

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Asheroc (Spaceships)

All Asheroc things are barely visible as a distortion of the background light. Their spaceships are not made of a material but of some kind of energy held in a form. Asheroc spaceships look clean and rather friendly.

more Asheroc content

Single Player Tech Demo

The single player of this semester will be a tech demo, which shows a cool mission of the single player as well as an example for the multiplayer part of Orxonox. The demo will is intended to spark the interest of all open source games and developers in Orxonox.

Old Story Proposals by Simon and Fuzzy

Three Proposals and one mission

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