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This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

Noxons are a humanoid species. They make their first flashy appereance during the game Orxonox which is not yet to be revealed. Their bodies are nerved with technology based on the material Orx, so Orx is their life, their blood. Noxons live longer due to the technology in their bodies.
The Noxons discovered the Earth in 1946 and tried to erease the human race by delivering Orx to Earth. In 1947 the Noxon spaceship which should have spread the Orx over the big cities crashed in New Mexico in Roswell. The US army researched the Orx and the Noxon spaceship, but kept it a secret.
The Noxons are now returning, realising that their plan was a failure and that the humans managed to use the Orx for their own advantage. The Noxons consider that the humans are too dangerous and want to destroy them.

Design Guideline for Noxon body

When designing a Noxon body, you should consider that it only survives with the embedded technology. The skin looks old and wizen. The body is anything other than agile or fit for movement, but fat and wrecked. Some resemblance with the human body would be cool, but not necessary. Feel free to add an extra arm (robot arm) or something like that.
If a human sees a Noxon he has to be shocked, disgusted and feel fear.


You should be afraid just by the looks of it. The form is scary and beasty and the spaceships should glow from evil. Technology is a important part of the design.

Design Guideline (OUTDATED)

Let me specify the details for Noxon spaceships:

  • Pointy, the spaceship should have edges where you are afraid that you can get cut or stabbed.
  • Let it look alienlike, noone should even think that a human could have designed it.
  • Not only fighters, also big ships – cruisers and freighters – have pointy weapons.
  • Dark style, black and not a lot of lights (enough that the ship can be seen in combat :) )

Example: The cylon raider from BS Galactica
Shivan fighters


This model is only an example to show what I think of.

A comment by patrick: "Little pieces show technology."
My model is very organic and there are no details, the models in the end should look more technical and darker.

We need fighters and a huge battlestar. Supply, transporter and civilian ships do not have a high priority.

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