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This is the project page of ticket #162. Goals can be found at the ticket's page.

I (Benjamin Knecht) work on this project for this semester. Most work of the PPS students will be joined together in this project. This makes the project a difficult one. On the 20th of December we have the intermediate presentation of the student's work. Then I will see what will be finished at the end of the semester.


Just started yet. The project will be handled in following steps:

  • See what we can do.
  • See what we should be able to do at the end of the semester.
  • Write a mission plot which contains the stuff we can do.
  • See how to implement it.
  • Finally implement it.

What can we do?

  • Scripting Engine - I have to check out how much I will have to need it. Is it possible to create random events?

What will we be able to do?

  • There should be finished models of the Human, Noxon and Pirate fraction. The possibility of using two different kinds of enemies make the mission interesting.
  • There will be an AI, which will make the enemies act in the right way in every situation.
  • A cool camera control for the scripting engine to improve the game experience.

Mission Plot

The mission starts inside the spacestation. There the player receives his mission and can build on his spaceship and stuff. What happens in there is not really part of this mission plot, so I leave it out for now.

Starting the mission by leaving the hangar with the modified spaceship the player attacks swarms of pirate ships together with AI colleagues. There will be a sudden attack of a huge pirate main ship. AI colleagues will die in battle and the pirate main ship will be destroyed by Noxons saving the player.

There will be a big chaos and enormoues swarms of Noxon ships will attack the player. Another AI colleague joins our character to help out with the Noxons. They retreat and make it back to the spacestation.

The mission ends with a showdown of some Noxons getting killed by the spacestation's drones. So the first mission is a part victory of the humans.

During the first part of the mission there will be special pirates to catch as bounty hunter missions.


No implementation yet.

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