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Gametype Dynamicmatch

The dynamicmatch is a game type where you switch dynamically between three parties and have to adopt your behavior accordingly.

The different parties

PartyDefault ColorRating
Killergreensuperior party
Chaserredregular party
Victimblueminor party

Beginning – the Selcetion Phase

Everyone starts as chaser. As long as there are not enough killers and victims, every player can change his party and/or the party of other players by shooting at them. Generally the selection phase is very short and is followed directly by the main phase.

Rules for the Main Phase

PartyScoreParty SwitchDefence
Killerkill chaser (20 points per kill)shoot victim
Chasershoot victim (1 point per shot) kill killer
Victimavoid being shot (X points per second)shoot chaser

End of Game

The game ends after 3 minutes. The player with the highest score wins.


  • The minimum number of players recommended is four.
  • You can loose points for friendly fire, is friendly fire is turned on.

Config values

bool friendlyfiretrueTurn on/off friendlyfire
bool tutorialtrueTurn on/off infomessages
float gameTime_180.0Time in seconds how long a match lasts
ColourValue colours[]redchaser's color
ColourValue colours[]bluevictim's color
ColourValue colours[]greenkiller's color
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