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Release ToDo

This page is intended to be a short summary (just a sketch) about the problems to be solved and the missing features to be implemented before the great Release. Please feel free to add everything that comes to your mind. The following list is based on previous discussions (on ThinkTanks and in the forum)

Name Severity Ticket Responsibility Description Solved
Tutorial Level high ? damian / johannes Create a tutorial level to introduce people new to Orxonox 50%
Levels normal ? ? Create some great Single- and Multiplayer levels
Usability normal ? fabian Improve usability (Mouse, Spawn, Bloom-Shader, …) 70%
Debug help normal ? fabian Improve the output in the log-file in order to be more helpful for debugging (so people can send crash reports) 100%
A.I. normal ? Improve A.I. (e.g. Quiver-Bots)
Level list normal ? damian Clean up Level list 100%
Data low ? ? Clean up data repositories and reduce size to a minimum (create extra data repos) 10%
Licensing high ? ? Clear license questions
Console Commands low ? fabian hide Console Command Cheats (note by fabian: the cheats are still there, because why not, but several other useless commands are now hidden) (note by damian: and if we don't want some cheats, we could hide them if not in dev-mode) 100%
Credits normal ? ? Update the credits page
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