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Enhance Older Models

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Axel Bomhauer-Beins

About the PPS-Project

Project Ticket #269


In the svn there are many old(er), often untextured models of spaceships and other graphic game components. It would be nice to use those models in the "new" orxonox-version, but untextured models are quite boring. So it's the task to texture this models.

Further on there are models which don't match to the "orxonox-quality-standard". That means that there are p.e. elements with a thickness of 0 what's quite unreal. So it's also a task to enhance those models.

This is a quite voluminous task that's not possible to finish within one semester. For that reason I decided to concentrate on the UEA (United Earth Alliance). Albeit I made a list of all (useable) models of space ships, sorted by the fraction they (might) belong to:

UEA (United Earth Alliance)

(All listed models are *.blend-Files)

  • Drone
  • UEAFighter001 [Work Name: human_spaceship_fighter] (Textured)
  • <name not defined> [Work Name: spacecruiser_16]
  • UEATransporter036 [Work Name: !SpaceShipTransporter036] (Textured)
  • starship028

Noxon (Aliens)

(All listed models are *.blend-Files)

  • atmospheric_bomber
  • BomberFertig
  • easyStarShipNoSmooth
  • flieger
  • noxon_drone_sketch2
  • noxon_scout_013
  • noxon_spaceship_bomber
  • ship22


(All listed models are *.blend-Files)

  • orxon_spaceship_fighter_object
  • PIRATES_SPACE_SHIP_model1(v.42)
  • pirates_spaceship_fighter
  • Ragnar-finalcut-finaltex

Further on I designed a UEA-Logo. You may download it under 'Material'.


15 oct 08Sorting models by fraction and choose the first one to texture
22 oct 08Texturing first model
29 oct 08Finished texturing first model, edited an already textured UEA-spaceship
05 nov 08Tests with the two enhanced models in game
12 nov 08Creating Wiki-Page about the project and perhaps about UEA
19 nov 08Finishing Wiki-Pages, start texturing second ship
26 nov 08Texturing second ship
03 dec 08Texturing & testing second ship
10 dec 08Preparing Presentation
17 dec 08PPS Presentation


UEATransporter036 Textured


Texture created by Axel Bomhauer-Beins, HS08

UEAFigther001 Textured


Texture created by Adrian Waeber, WS06/07; modified by Axel Bomhauer-Beins, HS08

spacecruiser_16 Textured

<name not defined>

Texture created by Axel Bomhauer-Beins, HS08

Created by Axel Bomhauer-Beins, HS08


All following listed links refer to the svn-directory. Also I uploaded all models I catogerized as "useable", I only created the texture for the UEATransporter036 and the spacecruiser_16 - and modified the texture for the UEAFighter001 a bit.






  • none
  • none

Complete rendered models


InGame Screenshots

For further generations

Guidelines for UEA-Spaceship-Design: See UEA
For further information: See Universe
Task: Create or complete Wiki-Entries UEA, Noxon, Pirates?

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