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The universe of Orxonox is the near future of our world. Besides the human race there are two alien races - the Asheroc and the Noxons - of which the humans have not much knowledge. The player will play a person of the human race and therefore mostly find himself in places where the humans live or have business. Those places are defined in the style guides, so are races and their technology.


The universe of Orxonox developed from our present. As this is most certainly not the future our descendants will face, we want to draw a believable future world, which is not so optimistic, but very exciting. In this segment, we explain the development of the universe in form of examples and time lines so the developer has an idea how things have to look like. The history is also important to answer some "why?" questions and to manifest the background story of Orxonox to create a better atmosphere in the actual game. The player will not have access to the history just like this. He maybe have the possibility to access some history records, but besides that he will face a world which knows what happened to it in the last few years. Nobody will talk to the player about the past, because they assume the character he plays knows the same they do.

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There are three races in the game: Humans, Asheroc and Noxons. Read about their characteristics, history, society, religion, technology, relationships with each other and their goals in the game.


You know them, you're a human, right? You know we'll mess up our future. The humans in Orxonox struggle with their half destroyed world, but nevertheless fight to survive and are very creative in finding solutions to all their problems. However not all humans have the strength to compete in the harsh world.


An ancient alien race. They have huge knowledge about the universe, but they are also arrogant and overconfident. They like to trick other species into trusting them to screw them over. They are not openly aggressive but have the technology to vaporize half of the Earth in an instance. They are very careful to seem powerful to other races to intimidate them and not show any weaknesses.

They're technology is beyond human understanding and members of the Asheroc have overcome the deadly traps of biological bodies. They evolved into a phase of energy and spirit and are detached from the world of matter.


A pretty young alien race, which got united early in their history. Religion is everything to them and everything a Noxon does has a religious background. The most holy thing for the Noxons is their ability to totally alter their genetic code. Ships, buildings and weapons are living things (Noxons), genetically designed to fulfill their purpose.

Noxons are super advanced on a biological level. They have creatures for everything. They pray to the god of the night and orient their lives according to the prophecies they receive in their prayers.


A little description about the places in the universe where the story will play.


As home of the humans, this planet is polluted and exploited. The cities have to fight against ever increasing crime and overpopulation. The weather on the planet is totally unstable and more catastrophes like droughts, floods and storms happen. Most people live in the city due to great poverty at the countryside. Because of the bad economy many people have no job and have to turn to illegal ways to survive. Young people have no prospect of a good future and become addicted to drugs or video games. A lot of the damages cannot be repaired quickly enough so cities look dirty and many things are broken for a long time.


The moon has been claimed by the UCA for military purposes. On the dark side of the moon, there is a large military station including the newest and most advanced turrets to defend against everything. This area is off limits for all civilians. Every ship which closes in on the moon will be shot by the automatic defense system.


Mars has been colonized early, but the terraforming progressed slowly, so the atmosphere is still rather thin and only small plants grow on the red sand. Besides insects, there are no animals on Mars. Every major country from Earth has a colony on Mars. Some colonies however are or want to become independent, which led to fights and even wars between Earth and Mars forces or civil wars. On Mars many buildings are empty or have not been finished. Those buildings are from the days where there was enough money to colonize Mars. The sudden downturn of the economy stopped construction works completely.

Because of the lower gravity on Mars all plants and animals and also of course humans are taller than their equivalent on Earth. Plants can grow in structures that are usually not possible, because they need less materials to support their weight. Also houses and other constructions of the humans on Mars follow the same principles, meaning that they can use weaker materials to support heavier constructions.

Asteroid Belt

Pirates and outlawed people live in the Asteroid Belt. To survive those communities either sell valuable minerals or attack passing ships.


Jupiter is the energy source of the humans. With special ships the large energy companies gather hydrogen from Jupiter's surface. There are many space stations acting as refineries around Jupiter and there are also some stations on the larger moons of Jupiter. The life around Jupiter is dominated by money and the will of the large companies. Government has not much influence in this area. Pirates are most common in this area and are also hired as mercenaries against other companies or government.


Not many human space ship came so close to the sun. On Venus the Noxons have created an outpost. The hot temperatures from the sun are best conditions to grow new organisms for the Noxon fleet. The thick clouds will cover up the development on Venus for a very long time until they are found by human expeditions. The Noxon attack will be started from here.


Only scientific expeditions travel that far. Saturn is considered for another hydrogen source. Asheroc ships have been more common in this area.

Alpha Centauri B-C

A planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B, yet undiscovered by the human race. It is very well able to support life such as plants and animals.

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