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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It's mass is that of 317.8 Earths and one Jupiter year equals to 11.8618 Earth years. The distance between Jupiter and Earth is 628'743'036 km when they're closest. Ships travel up to 6 months to get from Earth to Jupiter. It's about 5 months from Mars.

Since Jupiter is very industrial and controlled by corporations, governments have little interest in the area around Jupiter, so there is a lack of police and military forces.


Jupiter's atmosphere is rich in hydrogen, which can be used for the fusion reactors of the human space ships. Because of this, the human race has started to mine that large reserve of hydrogen. Jupiter is thus a place where there is the most industry. As there are just some moons around Jupiter, people who live here work for the mining companies only.

Both Mars and Earth need a lot of energy that is gained from the mined hydrogen from Jupiter. Every time one of these planets come closer to Jupiter, the gas mining companies send away hundreds of fuel transporters to meet the demand that has built up over the year. Because of this there are huge fuel storage facilities to store the refined gas until it's shipped to the other planets.

Meeting demands only twice a year, when the planets approach each other requires elaborate planning and the storage facilities are an easy target for sabotage by the competition.

Big Players

  • Gas mining companies - There are basically two gas mining companies: RGC and GEP. There rivalry is the major conflict around Jupiter.
  • Mercenaries - As there is a lack of police and military forces people and corporations have to hire mercenaries to be protected. There are security firms like the GDA or private mercenaries.
  • Pirates - The world's dependency on the resources from Jupiter and lawlessness of the area provide great reasons for piracy. Pirates can be just criminals who usually are not working illegally or bigger organizations of organized crime.
  • Scientists - On the Jupiter moon Europa there is a big science lab. Most scientists are astrophysicists, but most other fields are represented as well by smaller research groups. Europa (and Jo btw.) are interesting moons for scientists as there are unique physical processes taking place. (Just before the story of Orxonox begins, there was a large anomaly close to Saturn, which is about to pass by Jupiter. The scientists are planning a big investigation into the anomaly using huge ships with lots of instruments and scientists.)


The player may encounter pirates, enemy mercenaries and Noxon ships in the Jupiter area. Pirates and mercenaries attack in small groups, while Noxons may attack in swarms or alone.

The Noxons around Jupiter are approaching from Saturn and are enhanced with Human technology.

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