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IT User Manual

Account Management

Only forum and mailinglists are open for public registration. For every other service you need an account. If you're a PPS student, ask a teaching assistant. If you're an external user and want to contribute to Orxonox, contact us.

Access to services

With your account, you can use the same login credentials for the following services:

  • Trac (wiki and tickets)
  • SVN (only required for write-access)
  • Mail (SMTP-relay and IMAP if you have a mailbox)
  • Jenkins (manage build jobs)

It does not work for these services:

  • Forum
  • Mailman (mailing lists)

These services are open for public registration, so you can create your own account if you want to use them.

A short note for admins:

  • Zabbix: works with the regular account
  • Mailman admin: basic authentication works with the regular account, but the mailinglists have individual passwords
  • SSH: requries separate ssh key and separate sudoer password
  • LDAP: uses separate credentials


There are four different user groups:

Group Members Permissions
guest Everyone that is not logged in Read access to most resources
contributor PPS students and external users Write access to most resources
moderator PPS teaching assistants and external moderators Can delete most resources
admin Server administrators Full access

Password recovery

Please see the description of the SSP tool below.


An overview of all services on the Orxonox server that are available to regular users (guests and contributors).

Trac (Wiki and Tickets)

Trac is the website that you're looking at right now. It contains a wiki, a ticketing system, and a repository browser.

SVN (Code Repository)

SVN is our central source repository. There are two ways to access SVN:

If you're a PPS student, please use write access, otherwise you can't commit your changes to SVN.


As a regular user, you receive a <user> mail alias that forwards to your private address. If you're a PPS student, this is usually your <user> address. You may receive emails from Trac or Jenkins on this address on certain occasions.

Alternatively you can request a dedicated mailbox instead of mail forwarding → contact us.

Forwarding only:

If you want to send mails from your alias, login to our webclient You won't see any incoming mails there (because they are forwarded), but you can still use it to send mails. Alternatively you can use our SMTP server.

If you want to change the mail-forwarding to another address (e.g. if you leave ETH), contact us.


You can either user our webclient to read and send mails. Or you can use our IMAP and SMTP servers:

  • IMAP:, SSL/TLS → port 993 or STARTTLS → port 143
  • SMTP:, SSL/TLS → port 465 or STARTTLS → port 587

If you want to change back to mail-forwarding (or use mail-forwarding in addition to the mailbox), contact us.

Mailman (Mailing Lists)

Mailman manages our mailing lists. They are open for public registration, so you're welcome to sign up to some of the lists (e.g. our low-frequency announce mailing list).

The overview of all lists is located here:

Jenkins (Buildserver)



The forum is open for public registration. If you already have an account, you still need to register in the forum. For that, you can use a different username and password if you like.



SSP (Password recovery)

If you forget your password, you can recover your account with the self service password tool. If you have a regular account, it is linked with your personal email address. The SSP tool will send a token to this address to recover your account.


In case you have an account with a mailbox and NO forwarding to an external address, you can't recover your account by yourself. In this case you have to contact us to reset your password.


If you have a question or an issue regarding our IT services, feel free to contact an administrator. You can contact us here:

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