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Mar 26, 2016:

3:02 PM Changeset [11157] by landauf
don't test exact values here, only ≠ 0
2:49 PM Changeset [11156] by landauf
clang doesn't know this compiler flag
2:19 PM Changeset [11155] by landauf
2:18 PM Changeset [11154] by landauf
creating image for quality control

Mar 24, 2016:

3:56 PM Changeset [11153] by sagerj
added release functions in various classes: weaponmode, weaponsystem, …
3:54 PM Changeset [11152] by plehmann
took the event functions out of the tick function
3:53 PM Changeset [11151] by tgidron
New Level Up
3:52 PM Changeset [11150] by binderm
tried consoleCommand, doesn't work yet. Please have a look;)
2:12 PM Changeset [11149] by binderm
new files for campaign menu

Mar 22, 2016:

11:04 PM Ticket #450 (Fix all TODOs) created by landauf

Mar 21, 2016:

2:26 PM Ticket #449 (Make Jenkins available under port 80/443) created by landauf
To fully integrate Jenkins (running on in our …

Mar 20, 2016:

11:13 PM Ticket #448 (enable https on login sites) created by lferran
When setting up the virtual hosts, enable the https on those sites …
7:08 PM Ticket #447 (improve backup script) created by lferran
TODO * Stop and start services before and after the backup, …
6:38 PM Ticket #446 (Mimic apache2 VirtualHosts from old server) created by lferran
Since we want to keep the same checkout URLs for the svn repositories, …
3:26 PM Ticket #445 (Install extra trac plugins) closed by lferran
2:46 PM CollapsibleMacroExample edited by lferran
2:46 PM CollapsibleMacroExample created by lferran
2:39 PM Ticket #445 (Install extra trac plugins) created by lferran
Plugins to install: …

Mar 19, 2016:

9:09 PM Ticket #435 (Build doxygen documentation) closed by landauf
fixed: added link to doxygen in trac mainnav
5:51 PM Ticket #442 (Add protected section to wiki) closed by lferran
5:48 PM Ticket #441 (Kanban Board doesnt work) closed by lferran
wontfix: The plugin doesn't seem to work. We will instead use a Whiteboard done …
3:07 PM code/tools/ctest edited by landauf
3:06 PM code/libs/gtest edited by landauf
3:06 PM code/libs/gtest edited by landauf
3:05 PM code/libs/gtest created by landauf
2:58 PM code/tools/ctest created by landauf
12:27 AM Changeset [11148] by landauf
added doxygen to build dependencies
12:13 AM Changeset [11147] by landauf
removed orxonox user

Mar 18, 2016:

11:41 PM Changeset [11146] by landauf
fixed jenkins-slave. let orxonox build environment also depend on …
11:03 PM Changeset [11145] by landauf
added dockerfile for a jenkins-slave
10:10 PM Changeset [11144] by landauf
added dockerfile for orxonox' build environment on ubuntu 14.04
10:07 PM Changeset [11143] by landauf

Mar 17, 2016:

4:01 PM Ticket #427 (XML parser: No warning fo unknown attributes) created by fvultier
It is legal now to assign a unknown attribute to a object in a level …
3:53 PM Changeset [11142] by sagerj
first commit, added discharger weaponclass
3:40 PM Changeset [11141] by plehmann
added a comment
2:05 PM Changeset [11140] by fvultier
New branch for PPS FS16
1:59 PM Changeset [11139] by fvultier
New branch for PPS FS16
1:57 PM Changeset [11138] by fvultier
1:33 PM Changeset [11137] by plehmann
new branch for pps

Mar 13, 2016:

11:21 AM Ticket #444 (Migrate email accounts and forwardings) created by landauf
The email accounts (including all stored emails) and all email …
11:11 AM Ticket #443 (Document IT infrastructure) created by landauf
Add documentation in a protected section of the wiki. Our services, …
11:06 AM Ticket #442 (Add protected section to wiki) created by landauf
As an admin, I want a protected section in the wiki which is not …

Mar 12, 2016:

11:52 PM Ticket #441 (Kanban Board doesnt work) created by landauf → Error "Session expired. Please …
10:49 PM Ticket #440 (Migrate Domain) created by landauf
The DNS for needs to be moved to the new server.
10:48 PM Ticket #439 (Send SVN Changes to Mailinglist) created by landauf
Add a commit-hook to SVN that sends the diff of each commit to the …
10:45 PM Ticket #438 (Add Mailinglists) created by landauf
I want a mailing list service on the new server similar to mailman on …
10:42 PM Ticket #437 (Migrate wiki layout) created by landauf
The new wiki should look like the old one.
10:41 PM Ticket #436 (Virtualize build environment) created by landauf
Maybe the jenkins builds can be run in a virtualized build environment …
10:40 PM Ticket #435 (Build doxygen documentation) created by landauf
The doxygen documentation of Orxonox should be generated with every …
10:15 PM Ticket #434 (Migrate Forum) created by landauf
Right now the forum is hosted on a different server than all other …
10:14 PM Ticket #433 (Migrate Users/Logins) created by landauf
Users from the old system should be migrated to the new server. We …
10:14 PM Ticket #432 (Migrate SVN repositories) created by landauf
The SVN repositories should be migrated to the new server. After the …
10:13 PM Ticket #431 (Automatic startup of all services) created by landauf
All services on the Orxonox server should start automatically when the …

Mar 10, 2016:

2:39 PM pps/main edited by maxima
new version of handouts (diff)
12:59 PM pps/main edited by maxima

Mar 9, 2016:

5:26 PM Changeset [11136] by fvultier
Made tutorial compatible with the new core.

Mar 7, 2016:

4:13 PM Changeset [11135] by fvultier
4:03 PM pps/tutorial edited by fvultier
3:43 PM pps/tutorial edited by fvultier
3:42 PM Changeset [11134] by fvultier
Files needed for the tutorial added.
3:26 PM Changeset [11133] by fvultier
branch for new tutorial

Mar 6, 2016:

9:18 PM Changeset [11132] by landauf
fixed overlays with ogre 1.9. OverlaySystem must be initialized once …
4:43 PM Changeset [11131] by landauf
initialize overlay component
4:13 PM Changeset [11130] by landauf
forgot to commit 2 files in my previous commit: orxonox now compiles …
3:32 PM Changeset [11129] by landauf
orxonox now compiles with ogre 1.9 (but still needs some other changes)
1:56 PM Changeset [11128] by landauf
let Planet inherit from Model to avoid code duplication (especially …

Mar 2, 2016:

12:54 PM pps/main edited by maxima
11:47 AM pps/main edited by maxima

Feb 26, 2016:

11:05 AM ~archive/News edited by zifloria
11:05 AM WikiStart edited by zifloria
11:03 AM WikiStart edited by zifloria

Feb 25, 2016:

12:23 PM pps/main edited by zifloria
12:13 PM pps/main edited by fvultier
11:59 AM pps/tutorial edited by zifloria
11:44 AM pps/main edited by zifloria
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