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Opened 14 years ago

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#211 assigned task

FPS Weapon and HUD

Reported by: bknecht Owned by: bknecht
Priority: major Milestone: Old Orxonox tickets orx-v0
Component: HUD Version: 0.0.1
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This task should improve the visuals and playability of Orxonox in the FPS mode. The job is, to work on a 3D/2D HUD hybrid and to position the weapon of the FPS-player correctly in the world. This is a coding task with a smaller amount of creativity and artistic work.


With the improvement of the FPS-player we want to be able to make more interesting FPS parts in the game. The goal is to implement a better feeling for the player when he is in FPS-mode. This has mainly to do with visual effects and other things the player can see. Also the FPS-weapon has to be improved.


There are a lot of things to do here and not all of them have to be done perfectly:

  • a 3D model of a (removable) helmet with oxygen and temperature readings for a spacesuit (those readings are 2D elements of course)
  • the HUD should be able to "mark" a world entity in the world, probably show it on the radar
  • the direction of the next mission goal should be shown to the player (do not use a compass, we're in space)
  • position the weapon at a proper position in the world and with this also the FPS-player camera (this is a really difficult job) Important is, that the player shoots exactly where he's looking at at all times.
  • fix the crosshair bug

for further questions contact a PPS-leader

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