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bensch (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Priority Created
#2 implementing updater GUI Old Orxonox tickets orx-v0 defect minor Jan 3, 2005

Adding ability to (automaticaly) downloads all orxonox ressources needed for the game, eg. models, maps, sounds…

bknecht (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Priority Created
#211 FPS Weapon and HUD HUD Old Orxonox tickets orx-v0 task major Apr 11, 2007


This task should improve the visuals and playability of Orxonox in the FPS mode. The job is, to work on a 3D/2D HUD hybrid and to position the weapon of the FPS-player correctly in the world. This is a coding task with a smaller amount of creativity and artistic work.


With the improvement of the FPS-player we want to be able to make more interesting FPS parts in the game. The goal is to implement a better feeling for the player when he is in FPS-mode. This has mainly to do with visual effects and other things the player can see. Also the FPS-weapon has to be improved.


There are a lot of things to do here and not all of them have to be done perfectly:

  • a 3D model of a (removable) helmet with oxygen and temperature readings for a spacesuit (those readings are 2D elements of course)
  • the HUD should be able to "mark" a world entity in the world, probably show it on the radar
  • the direction of the next mission goal should be shown to the player (do not use a compass, we're in space)
  • position the weapon at a proper position in the world and with this also the FPS-player camera (this is a really difficult job) Important is, that the player shoots exactly where he's looking at at all times.
  • fix the crosshair bug

for further questions contact a PPS-leader

#219 Spacegate GameContent Old Orxonox tickets orx-v0 task minor Apr 12, 2007


The story says, that the alien race of the Asheroc built a space gate to travel fast with ships without wormhole drive. This task is to model that gate.
Note: The picture does not represent what you should model ;-).


Model the gate with blender. It should be big enough (or course we can scale the model) so that huge freighters can travel through that gate.


Sketch it, scan and model it and don't forget the texture.
My idea was originally to make the gate half solid half plasma like and that the solid pieces circle around the middle. The gate either be 2 dimensional or even extended into the third dimension. Think about how you would implement the plasma stuff, how you want to make the solid stuff circling or just think of a better idea.
The story requires wormhole lasers from the frame of the gate which shoot the object inside the gate.

#343 GUI Animation Engine GUI Version 0.2 Codename: Bellatrix enhancement minor Nov 13, 2009

Write an Animation Engine to animate our CEGUI Menus. Smooth animations described in XML-files are the way to go. Use key frames to define start and end points of the animation.

Somebody already wrote an Animation Engine for CEGUI, but the license is not compatible with GPL. You can get ideas from that project.

#407 Migrate to CEGUI 0.8 GUI Version 0.1 Codename: Arcturus task minor Sep 8, 2013

CEGUI 0.8 was released this spring and it brings a lot of breaking changes. Orxonox compiles with CEGUI 0.8 since r9671, but it doesn't run because the lua scripts and the datafiles were written for 0.7.

Sooner or later we will have to migrate, so the only question is when and how: should we wait until CEGUI 0.8 is default on all platforms, then just migrate all scripts and data and drop support for CEGUI 0.7. Or should we migrate early and try to support both 0.7 and 0.8 at the same time.

erwin (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Priority Created
#271 Sound Engine Sound Future Engine Features enhancement minor Sep 24, 2008

We need a sound engine for at least two reasons:

  • Playing background music
  • Playing ingame sounds

You must take care of the 3D-space (position and the listeners rotation) to get usable effects. Try to find a suitable library and implement it into our framework. Think about how to load sounds and music through the XML file and how to configure volume and other options.

hdavid (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Priority Created
#53 Motion Blur GraphicsEngine Old Orxonox tickets orx-v0 defect minor Apr 25, 2005

Implement a method to display motion blur of very fast objects. Probably this won't be used, but its worth testing it.

kohlia (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Priority Created
#392 Scriptable Controller AI Version 0.2 Codename: Bellatrix task minor Jun 10, 2012

In order to simulate a "living" universe or in order to create cutscenes we have a controller called ScriptableController that follows a defined script.

Try to understand how the ScriptableController works, then expand it by more commands. Finallyt ry to find a way to apply it in a level. E.g: Let a transporter patrol between several space stations, …

lferran (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Priority Created
#456 fix memberUid overlay in groups IT IT: Server Maintenance defect major Jun 12, 2016

memberUid overlay in groups is not updated after adding new users.

A temporary solution is to manually set everything from the LDAP admin panel: for every user → make sure:

  • It only appears in one grop
  • The groupid of the user corresponds to the group that he is in

youngk (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Priority Created
#376 Creation of a Star GameContent Version 0.1 Codename: Arcturus task minor Mar 7, 2011

Create a star consisting of

  • A 3-D model with clipping
  • A nice beautiful texture
  • Maybe sounds? (Remember: The Orxonox universe is filled with air!)
  • The use of shaders for brightness representation
  • The use of particle effects for the corona
  • The use of force fields (radial, already present) for the gravitational pull

So Far

  • Implemented Newtonian gravitation
  • Collision Shapes for Planets


The Sun (Please download the file, for only then can you see the extreme detail!) The Sun

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