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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#271 Sound Engine erwin enhancement minor Sound 0.2.0

Status: new (16 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#220 Enhance model textures enhancement minor GameContent
#221 Create new textures task minor GameContent
#223 Create FPS weapon models task minor GameContent
#238 Shader Based Weapon Effects enhancement minor GraphicsEngine
#241 COLLADA Importer enhancement minor GameLoader
#242 Soft Shadows enhancement minor GraphicsEngine
#263 Artificial Intelligence (AI) gania enhancement minor AI
#265 Loading Bar task minor Menu
#267 Improving the HUD task minor HUD 0.2.0
#272 Editor task minor misc
#275 Environment (fog, particles, asteroids, etc) enhancement minor misc 0.2.0
#276 Particle Effects enhancement minor Particles 0.2.0
#319 Create seamless textures task minor GameContent
#320 Extend modular space station enhancement minor GameContent
#321 Help the Allied Fleet task minor GameContent
#369 Make Static Collisionshapes a shield against weapons task minor CollisionDetection 0.0.4
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