Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
Output system


file  AdditionalContextListener.h
 Declaration of the AdditionalContextListener interface.
file  BaseWriter.h
 Declaration of the BaseWriter class, the base of all output writers.
file  ConsoleWriter.h
 Declaration of the ConsoleWriter singleton which is used to write output to the console.
file  LogWriter.h
 Declaration of the LogWriter singleton which writes output to a log-file.
file  MemoryWriter.h
 Declaration of the MemoryWriter singleton.
file  Output.h
 Defines the helper function orxout() and includes all necessary headers to use the output system.
file  OutputDefinitions.h
 Defines output levels and output contexts.
file  OutputListener.h
 Declaration of the OutputListener interface which receives output from orxonox::OutputManager.
file  OutputManager.h
 Declaration of the OutputManager class which receives output from orxonox::OutputStream and distributes it to all instances of orxonox::OutputListener.
file  OutputStream.h
 Declaration of the OutputStream class which is used to send output to orxonox::OutputManager.
file  SubcontextOutputListener.h
 Declaration of the SubcontextOutputListener interface which adds the ability to filter sub-contexts to OutputListener.

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