Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
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Class management




file  ClassTreeMask.h
 Declaration of the ClassTreeMask, ClassTreeMaskNode, and ClassTreeMaskIterator classes.
file  CoreIncludes.h
 Defines several very important macros used to register objects, register classes, and to work with identifiers.
file  Identifiable.h
 Declaration of Identifiable, the base of all classes that should own an Identifier.
file  Identifier.h
 Declaration of Identifier, definition of ClassIdentifier<T>; used to identify the class of an object.
file  IdentifierManager.h
file  OrxonoxClass.h
 Declaration of OrxonoxClass, the base class of all objects in Orxonox.
file  OrxonoxInterface.h
 Declaration of OrxonoxInterface, the base class of all interfaces in Orxonox.
file  SubclassIdentifier.h
 Definition of SubclassIdentifier.
file  Super.h
 Definition of all super-function related macros, used to call functions of the base class.

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