Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
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 Argument completion
 Command execution and evaluation
 Console commands
 Functor and Executor
 Shell and console


file  ArgumentCompleter.h
 Definition of the orxonox::ArgumentCompleter class that is used to execute argument completion functions.
file  ArgumentCompletionFunctions.h
 Declaration of all argument completion functions and macros used to define them.
file  ArgumentCompletionListElement.h
 Definition of ArgumentCompletionList, which is used in argument completion functions, and its element.
file  Clipboard.h
 Some functions to exchange text between the OS clipboard and the Shell in Orxonox.
file  CommandEvaluation.h
 Declaration of the orxonox::CommandEvaluation class which is returned by orxonox::CommandExecutor::evaluate().
file  CommandExecutor.h
 Declaration of the orxonox::CommandExecutor class which is used to execute and evaluate console commands.
file  ConsoleCommand.h
 Declaration of the orxonox::ConsoleCommand class.
file  ConsoleCommandCompilation.h
 Declaration of some console commands.
file  ConsoleCommandIncludes.h
 Declaration the SetConsoleCommand() macro.
file  Executor.h
 Declaration of the orxonox::Executor class and the createExecutor() functions.
file  ExecutorPtr.h
 Typedefs and definitions of ExecutorPtr, ExecutorStaticPtr, and ExecutorMemberPtr.
file  Functor.h
 Definition of orxonox::Functor and its specialized subclasses, as well as the createFunctor() functions.
file  FunctorPtr.h
 Typedefs and definitions of FunctorPtr, FunctorMemberPtr, FunctorStaticPtr, and FunctorPointerPtr.
file  IOConsole.h
file  IOConsolePOSIX.h
file  IRC.h
 Declaration of IRC helper class, used for IRC connections using Tcl.
file  Shell.h
 Declaration of the Shell and ShellListener classes.
file  TclBind.h
 Declaration of the TclBind class.
file  TclThreadList.h
 Definition of TclThreadList.
file  TclThreadManager.h
 Declaration of TclThreadManager, used to create multithreaded Tcl interpreters.

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