Orxonox  0.0.5 Codename: Arcturus
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Pong is a minigame. More...


file  Mini4DgameBoard.h
 Declaration of the Mini4DgameBoard class.
file  Pong.h
 Declaration of the Pong class.
file  PongAI.h
 Declaration of the PongAI class.
file  PongBall.h
 Declaration of the PongBall class.
file  PongBat.h
 Declaration of the PongBat class.
file  PongBot.h
 Declaration of the PongBot class.
file  PongCenterpoint.h
 Declaration of the PongCenterpoint class.
file  PongScore.h
 Declaration of the PongScore class.


class  orxonox::Pong
 Implements a Pong minigame (Wikipedia::Pong). More...
class  orxonox::PongAI
 The PongAI is an artificial intelligence for the Pong gametype. More...
class  orxonox::PongBall
 This class manages the ball for Pong. More...
class  orxonox::PongBat
 The PongBat class manages the bats for Pong, which are the elements controlled by the players. More...
class  orxonox::PongBot
 A bot especially for Pong. More...
class  orxonox::PongCenterpoint
 The PongCenterpoint implements the playing field Pong takes place in and allows for many parameters of the minigame to be set. More...
class  orxonox::PongScore
 The PongScore class displays the score for a game of Pong. More...

Detailed Description

Pong is a minigame.