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This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!


Marc Schaerer & Nicolas Schlumberger

Project page for tickets


Creation of the needed structures to handle a ship character system.
Creation of multiple weapon systems.
As we are thinking that those topics depend on each other, we are creating them together.


UMLs and other design graphics are following

Design images for the 3 blaster weapons to give the modellers some idea on how our weapon generally are going to look like are attached to this page.

Development Diary


Character System

Ship Attributes

  • Shield: Energy based protection which regenerates itself slowly if it is not hit.
  • Armor: Physical protection for the ship internals
  • Electronics: State of the internal components handling aiming, fire, special weapons, ship control, …
  • Engine: Agility, maneuverability of the ship. 3 values: forward, backward, sideward
  • Weapon slots (energy, special)
  • Radar, Aiming Computer
  • Reactor: Energy Output and capacity used for shield, engine and energy weapons
  • Upgrade Slots

Current forum post

Ship Design

The ships base on fixed models with given attributes. Each ship has a given amount of upgrade slots which allow the player to modify the attributes for his individual needs, if he can afford it.
The planned ship classes are scout (light, fast), fighter (average), bomber (heavy, slow)

The weapon systems do not need any modification on the already present class – manager system which is present through Weapon and Weapon Manager class.

Multiple Weapon Systems

Basic Weapons for the player ship:

  • 3 Types of a basic blaster (light,fast | average, average | heavy, slow) with the same dmg/time
  • Swarm missile launcher which fires X missiles at enemies on the screen

2 Noxon Weapons (currently not further specified. Will be organic style weapons)

All those weapons include header files and implementation as well as creation of the needed graphical effects and models if not present.

These weapons are: Light Blaster, Medium Blaster, Heavy Blaster and Swarm Launcher.
Human Weapons

For aliens we created two weapons: Acid Launcher and Spike Ball.
Noxonian Weapons


  • Implementation of Character System
  • Implementation of Blasters
  • Implementation of Swarm Missiles
  • Design of Noxon Weapons
  • Implementation of Noxon Weapons
  • Content Creation


for Character System and Multiple Weapon Systems

Date Topic State
22. Nov Implementation of Character System (header and functionality). OK
29. Nov Implementation of the needed header files for the basic weapons. OK
6. Dec Implementation of the basic weapons. Creation of the needed media. OK (effects need polish)
13. Dec Design and implementation of a first noxon weapon. OK
20. Dec Intermediate presentation, finish first noxon weapon, start of a second noxon weapon. OK
3. Jan Finish the second noxon weapon. OK
10. Jan Code freeze, debug. OK
17. Jan Debug, testing and balance. OK
24. Jan Bugfixes and removal of segfaults OK
31. Jan Presentation 14:15 @ ETZ G91

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