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Human Weapons

some previews, of how the weapons will look like

Heavy Blaster (aka. Frag Cannon)

A Heavy Multi Barrel Cannon.blend obj mtl

Frag Cannon Final /w Textures

rotating star blend obj mtl

Heavy Blaster Bolt, screenshot from blender

Medium Blaster (aka. Blaster)

Blaster Final /w Textures

Light Blaster (aka. Gatling)

Light Fast Firing Cannon blend obj mtl

Gatling Final /w Textures

rain drop like bolt blend obj mtl

Light Bolt, updated

Swarm Missile

Mass instead of class: When firing of those babies, be sure you have your sunglasses with. There will be a firework

blend obj mtl

Swarm Missile Final /w Textures

Drafts, Preview and the Like

Everything shown beyond this point is pure speculation, whether such weapons exist. The DOD does no take any responsibility.

Blaster Cannons

2 drafts, same base, different barrel. Might be too small (not long enough)

another Draft of a Blaster Cannon


Draft of Blaster Canon



just another missile

JAM (just another missile)


low poly version: 140 faces

JAM, low poly version



Version B, as Biological. Those two balloons should be an component poison/acid/agent/whatever… lets make it glow

JAM, ver. B


reduced poly count to 260

JAM-B, low poly version


Intelligent Missile

Just another draft. I was thinking of a homing missile

Intelligent Missile

Mother of all Pain

The human version of a Redeemer missile

You Don't Wanna Know


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