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Story Proposal 3

This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!


Orxonox is set in the near future of our homeworld.

Science and Technology

There have been no great advances in science except for the development of large scale xenon drives for interplanetary travel. This change has shaped most of the research of the early and mid 21st century. Through the continuation of our present-day technology man is able to travel to Mars and the outer planets in reasonable time. Unfortunately the time required for interstellar travel is still way beyond any reasonable mission.
At long last the humans are able to change their genetic material and prolong their lives. This brings great risks as mutations are not yet controllable and the genetic code is far from understood.
The moon has been colonised, mainly by the chinese, and is used as a spaceport on the shiftby for the outer planets.
On Mars the european space agency has built an research centre. The constuction of water purification factories by the chinese has enabled the population of Mars to become independent from earth.


Earth is split into influence areas of the four remaining super powers USA, EU, Peoples republic of China and India. Most other nations are under martial law and most economies couldn't survive the second "black saturday" of 2048. Thus most people suffer from the ecological and economical consequences of the 20th century. Big droughts, starvation and diseases are wreaking havoc amongs those who have nothing.


Earth is a barren waste, a battlefield. The crop lie on the ground, decaying. The planet is torn asunder by the wars of the early 21st century and humanity looks to the stars for its future. No one can spare the money for new factories and most space freighters are welded together or repaired with scrap metal.


The noxons have entered the solar system around 2030. They have lived for aeons but yet they have not encountered anything which could equal xonos, their maker. They exist only to cease, as they cannot replicate themselves out of whatsoever reason.
To us humans they appear completely alien. They have no emotions. All patterns we could detect behind their actions are infinitely beyond our understanding.
As a reaction to their incursion the chinese and the americans have dipatched drones to the outer rims of the solar system, but until they report back there might be no one left to listen…
FRom what we could scavenge, our technicians tell us that thei do not have any technology similar to ours. We can not yet fully ascertain the function of their ships, but rest assured that they are not to be regarded as godlike creatures. The best hint to their mistakes is their devotion to the machine maker Xonos. Unfortunately our researchers have not yet been able to unravel the great mystery that surrounds the origin of the noxons.
Spectrometric analysis of their artefacts to xonos shows that they come from a planet not unlike our own earth…

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