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Network Abstract

This is an archived page!
This page is very old and the content is not up to date.
Not everything (if any) which is written here will be in the final game!

This module defines an overall interface to the network for all modules in Orxonox. The design has to match the Feature Requests, which are served best, if the architectural requirements are met.


  • Synchronize any object on one client side to the other
  • File download (for maps, sounds etc. - Halflife 2 Style)
  • Server/Client Architecture

Architectural Requirements:

  • Interface
    • Simple and generic architecutre
    • Easy to adapt, extend and use
    • Abstraction of a network connection to a network binary stream (data streams)
  • Data Streams
    • Java style data streams
    • Pipes
    • Buffered Streams
  • Network Monitoring
    • Bandwith, Delay measurement → Connection quality
    • Firewall detection (matters only for UDP)
    • Data flow measurement
  • Multiple Network Protocol Support
    • TCP/UDP mode for sending, reciving data
    • Multiple internal protocols
  • Network Architecture
    • Star topoligy (one server, multiple clients)
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