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Practical for Students of the ETH Zurich at the departement ITET


Welcome to the main site of our PPS. In the autumn semester of 2005 the fathers of Orxonox (Patrick Boenzli? and Benjamin Grauer) decided to offer the game they started to make a year before to the ETH as a practical for second year students. The goal was to teach the students and deepen their knowledge of open source development. Since then Orxonox had many faces and experienced a lot of changes. The two fathers of Orxonox finished their studies and so others took over the job of teaching. Every semester the large group of developers meet and organize a new PPS. There they try to learn from earlier mistakes and are eager to present the second-year-students the best possible PPS-experience. We improve our teaching every semester and want our students to be happy with their work and experience in our PPS.

If your a student at the ETH Zürich and if you're about to start your second year at the department of electro engineering, you can participate in our PPS. You will have fun if you're interested in game development. Your interest can either lie in coding or designing or both. Feel free to look around on our page to find something you're interested in.

Facts about our PPS:

  • 6 PPS-points for you
  • PPS takes place on Wednesday, 13:15 until 16:00
  • Rooms: ETZ H91 (teaching, courses, tutorials), ETL E11 and ETL F11 (coding sessions) (you will be informed about room changes via email)
  • Requirements: We don't want to tell you where you can turn on a computer, so you should at least be able to work on a computer. Most things will be thought by us, but we're not unhappy if you already know stuff about open source development tools.
    • Coding: Knowledge from the first year of the electro engineer studies is sufficient
    • Design: Basic knowledge of image editing or 3D modeling
  • We also offer this PPS in the spring semester ( FS 08 )

For more information feel free to contact the PPS leader?.

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PPS Administration

  • How to lead a PPS? - Some notes about the last PPS, so we can improve the next one (Don't take everything too seriously)

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