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Project Work



++ very advanced
+ advanced
+- moderate
- peace of cake


Difficulty Ticket Owner Project Page
Module: Vertical/Horizontal Scroller Controls + #155 Michel Mueller? Vertical Scroller?
Module: Camera support for Cut-Scenes +- #166 Filip Gospodinov? Camera?
Module: Background Scene Track, animated objects ++ #158
Module: Generic Consoles/Terminals for Shops/Dialogs/Mission Goals + #165, #164, #163 Andreas Hejj? Quest_dialog?
Module: Character System - #167 Nicolas Schlumberger? Character System and Weapons?
Module: Multiple Weapon Systems #170 Marc Schaerer?
Module: Artificial Intelligence + #169 (and old ticket #134) Thomas Fahrni? AI?
Module: Mounting Points for Weapons ++ #63 Patrick Boenzli? Mount Points?
Content Creation
Single Player Level 1 +- #162 Benjamin Knecht? Single Player Level 1?
Space Ships Humans + #159 and #171 Pascal Brem?, Adrian Waeber?, Andrea Moroni Stampa?, Marco Delai? HumanShips, PirateShips, PirateMainShip
Space Ships Noxons + #160 and #171 Ralph Burkart?, Tobias Rutishauser?, Simon Wenner? NoxonShips
Space Station + #157 and #161 (interior) Fabian Landau? (exterior) Sam Boegli? Space Station, Exterior? Space Station, Interior?
Public Relations
Orxonox Public Relations + #168


  • 08.Nov 06: Choose the Project
  • 22.Nov 06: Project Plan Review (1 week)
    until now you have created on your project wiki-page:
    1. an UML-diagram of you module
    2. a timetable (similar to BspModel)
    3. started a developers journal (here for engine developers, here for content creators)
  • 22.Nov 06: Start of Implementation and Content Creation (5 weeks)
    1. write header files
    2. write the source itself
    3. collect reference materials
    4. make outlines (skizzen) of the objects you like to create
    5. generate content
  • 20.Dec 06: Implementation stop, review in teams and design resync (1day)
    1. show what you did, and how it will go on
    2. are you sill in your development schedule?
  • 20.Dec 06: Continue implementation/ content creation (2 weeks)
    1. the source implementation will continue and finish as fast as possible
    2. the content created should be finished as soon as possible too.
  • 10.Jan 07: Project freeze: debug, documentation and testing phase (1 week)
    1. use GDB
    2. use Valgrind
    3. document with doxygen
    4. write a module description on the wiki
    5. write a model/content description on the wiki
  • 24.Jan 07: Code finished and working perfectly
  • 31.Jan 07: Convention and big show