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Opened 15 years ago

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#155 reopened task

Vertical/Horizontal Scroller Controls

Reported by: patrick Owned by: muellmic
Priority: major Milestone: Old Orxonox tickets orx-v0
Component: GeneralFramework Version:
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The space ship control is used for direct in-game interaction with the avatar of the player. The player needs to feel comfortable with the control, the perspective and the ships reaction to input. We want different scroller perspectives:
vertical scroller (left), horizontal scroller (right)

After the design and implementation, this project needs lots of testing to get the optimal control. You will need play some other similar games to let yourself be inspired.


  • define a well playable vertical scroller mode (extend the current version)
  • define a well playable horizontal scroller mode (new)
  • switching between these modes should be very easy (interface function) and scripteable

Information Gathering

You will need to:

  • look out for the most popular vertical/horizontal scroller games (make sure to check out this wikipedia page)
  • be sure to download some demos from such games and play them until you get a feeling of how the controls work
  • there is already a vertical scroller implementation available, be sure to check it out: you will find it in function: setPlaymode(...) be sure to look at the playable.h header file too (line 113 you find the most important function: enterPlaymode(Playmode& mode).
  • most important look at and spacecraft_2d.h you will mostly work with those two classes
  • scripting howto (ScriptingHowTo) for play mode changes


  • each space ship (directory) defines its own enterPlaymode(Playmode& mode) function. This is where the code is written that describes how the switching between the gamemodes should look like.
  • how the spaceship moves is described in the function void Spacecraft2D::movement (float dt). For each playmode, there is a case describing the input reactions.
  • there is already an interface for switching player mode, find it and make sure it can be accessed by scripts

Change History (7)

comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by patrick

  • Milestone set to 0.5.0_basic_single_player

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by patrick

Addon: Be sure to check about all game titles eg:

  • Radiant
  • Ikaruga
  • Thunderburd

I'm sure you will find more :D

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by bknecht

I checked out youtube for the titles you mentioned. It's totally crazy! With our Enginge it should be easy to make a lot cooler stuff. (I know the games are like more than 10 years old)

comment:4 Changed 15 years ago by muellmic

  • Owner changed from patrick to muellmic

comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by bknecht

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comment:6 Changed 14 years ago by bknecht

  • Milestone changed from 0.5.0_basic_single_player to Old Orxonox tickets

Milestone 0.5.0_basic_single_player deleted

comment:7 Changed 14 years ago by bknecht

  • Resolution invalid deleted
  • Status changed from closed to reopened
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