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Project Work


The station is under attack and is destroyed in the attack. The player cannot land in the earth with a space-only space craft and therefore has to land on the moon where the destroyed defense base of the UCA (future USA) lies. There the game changes from 2D (or 3D if we should find enough time) to FPS mode. The only way to get away from the deserted station is to take a spacship from the hangar on the otherside of the station. The only clear path leads the player through an airlock into the station. There he gets rid of the spacesuit he was wearing outside and gets a weapon. On his way to the hangar the player has to overcome some automatic defence mechanisms which were left activated by the crew when they abandoned the station.



++ very advanced
+ advanced
+- moderate
- piece of cake


This table will soon be filled with tickets containing the tasks to reach our goal.

Difficulty Ticket Owner Project Page
FPS Weapon and HUD + #211 Benjamin Knecht? HudEnhancement
Automatic defence mechanism +- #210 Reto Lüchinger? ADM?
Enhance Vertical-scroller mode + #213 Nicolas Schlumberger? VSEnhancements?
Enhance/Rewrite AI ++ #215 Christoph Renner?
Implementation of a button +- #214 Silvan Nellen?
Content Creation
Spacegate - #219 Benjamin Knecht? SpaceGate
Moon Surface +- #209 Silvan Nellen? MoonSurface?
Moon Station ++ #216 Michi von Känel? MoonStation?
Turret +- #212 Sebastian Steiner? Turret?
Spaceship: Lander + #217 Simon Wenner? Transporter?
Enhance Vertical-scroller level (enemies, environment) + #218 Christoph Renner?


  • 05.Apr: Choose the Project
  • 19.Apr: Project Plan Review (1 week)
    until now you have created on your project wiki-page:
    1. an UML-diagram of you module
    2. a timetable (similar to BspModel)
    3. started a developers journal (here for engine developers, here for content creators)
  • 19.Apr: Start of Implementation and Content Creation (5 weeks)
    1. write header files
    2. write the source itself
    3. collect reference materials
    4. make outlines (skizzen) of the objects you like to create
    5. generate content
  • 17.Mai: Implementation stop, review in teams and design resync (1day)
    1. show what you did, and how it will go on
    2. are you sill in your development schedule?
  • 17.Mai: Continue implementation/ content creation (2 weeks)
    1. the source implementation will continue and finish as fast as possible
    2. the content created should be finished as soon as possible too.
  • 31.Mai: Project freeze: debug, documentation and testing phase (1 week)
    1. use GDB
    2. use Valgrind
    3. document with doxygen
    4. write a module description on the wiki
    5. write a model/content description on the wiki
  • 14.Jun: Code finished and working perfectly
  • 21.Jun: Convention and big show