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Project Work


  • 19.04.06: Choose the Project and start of the project design (1 week)
    1. UML-diagram of you modules.
    2. Timetable
    3. Organize your group, and decide who is responsible for what.
  • 26.04.06: Start of implementation (5 weeks)
    1. Write header files. (empty functions)
    2. Implement the sources
  • 24.05.06: Implementation stop, review in teams and design resync (1day)
    1. Show what you did, and how it will go on.
  • 24.05.06: Continue implementation and begin content creation (3 weeks)
    1. From now on the media files will me created (models, textures, worlds, films,…)
    2. The source implementation will continue and finish as fast as possible
  • 07.06.06: Project freeze: debug and documentation session (1 week)
    1. Use GDB
    2. Use Valgrind
    3. Document with doxygen
    4. Write a Module description on the wiki
  • 14.06.06: Code finished and working perfectly
  • 28.06.06: Content finished: all models work, the world is playable
  • 05.07.06: Convention and big show



Network #132 Chrigi
BSP World Model #133 Claudio
Reflective Water Stefan
Artificial Intelligence #134
Scripting Engine #115 Silvan
Mission Manager #91

Graphics Engine

Weather Effects Manager #135 David, Andi
Alternative Model Format #136
Ingame GUI #104, milestone:0.3.7_gui
Advanced OpenGL Topics and Shaders milestone:0.3.6_graphics_and_performance

Content Creation

Creating Models, Textures and Artwork Benjamin
Creating Concept Paper for Orx #129 Beni K.
Orxonox homepage reimplementation

Please see the Chosen Project to see who made what