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Reto '1337' Grieder

About me

Ever since the 386 came on the market, I have been working with computers. And because I'm a very interested programmer, it was quite natural to participate in the orxonox PPS wile in the second year of my education as electrical engineer.
At the moment I'm studying fifth semester with "Power electronics and mechatronics" as Major. And of course I spend a lot of time helping the development of orxonox.


With my first participation in autumn semester 2007 the entire orxonox base code was being rewritten, so I had the opportunity to be there from the new 'beginning'. I was assigned the task to write a weapon system, which is now in the code asylum for very good reasons. ;) In my second orxonox semester input management was of my interest. That part then actually worked.
And in autumn semester 2008? No real plans yet, but I think I'll have enough to do with assisting projects as PPS Assistent.

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