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Kevin Young


I'm a student at the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH), studying Electrical Engineering in the sixth semester, major: Micro- and Optoelectronics.

Motivation to join the Orxonox project

I enjoy getting to know the innards of a computer game as well as to make graphical elements for it. My main interest however lies in making the sounds that accompany such a space shooter. I currently use a rotten apple for daily purposes, but Orxonox won't properly play on Macintosh systems yet. I did manage to make it compile and run, but certain issues still hinder playability and user-friendliness. Head over to the Mac OSX wikipage for more info (dev/MacOSX).

Current assignment

Assisting the second semester PPS students in their endeavor.

Past assignments

  • HS09: Finding or composing ambient and 3-D game audio, as well as make some adjustments to the sound framework.
  • HS10: Getting Orxonox to work on the Mac. (long story short…)
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