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Hi to all of you. I am Christian Peter and am participating in the PPS Orxonox at ETH Zurich.

Why am I participating:

  • I want to get into programming.
  • I would like to see, how one has to implement the network related stuff concerning games.

Orxonox Projects

I have chosen my ticket:

  • Encountering too high network traffic by creating an instance that decides which Objects are important to client XY and therefore need to be transmitted to client XY, on the other hand: not so important things won't be sent!

Current Progress on my project

  • Finished Planning
  • Starting Implementation on 2008-11-05


Date What
15. oct. 2008 Project design
22. oct. 2008 Project design
29. oct. 2008 Project design
5. nov. 2008 Start implementation
12. nov. 2008 Implementation
19. nov. 2008 Implementation
26. nov. 2008 Implementation
3. dec. 2008 Buffer
10. dec. 2008 Preparing Presentation
17. dec. 2008 Orxonox Presentation


eMail: chpeter (at) ee (dot) ethz (dot) ch

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