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Team Base Match


Team Base Match stands for a gametype where two teams fight each other while trying to control as much bases as possible. For each controlled base, the team controlling it get points per time. So the longer a team control a base the more points they get. Killing spaceships of your opponent team also increases the amount of points of your team. The team who first hits 2000 points wins.


16. mar.(Start)
23. mar.introduction
30. mar. declare the 2 teams, spawn points
6. apr. declare bases, with their properties
13. apr.Easter
20. apr.Sechseläuten
27. apr.set timer for points, declare when points are given etc.
4. may. edit level → spawnpoints of bases
11. may free time / prepare presentation
18. may(Buffer)
2?. mayPresentation

More Details


There are 5 uncontrolled bases at the beginning of the game. Two near the spawn point of team1, two near the spawn point of team2. the third one is in the middle of the field and is supposed to be the key of winning the game. (As a result the two teams will meet at this base and start fighting)


Always your beginning location, so it's harder to control bases which are far away.


Single Player will be teamed up with Bots. For now, they're not doing anything special. (As the opponent team).

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