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Asteroid Race




This Project is about implementing a new gametype, a single player mode. You have to cross an asteroid belt and deliver your load to a certain freighter. On the way, you have to face hostile Pirates who like to get your load and you have navigate through difficult electromagnetical currents. There are also Asteroids which you shouldn't come too close, because the chemicals around them dissolve your ship. You have to fullfill this task in a certain time. On every ckeckpoint you fly by, the counter will be refreshed.


Date What
16. mar. Getting Ideas
23. mar.
30. mar.
6. apr. Make the checkpoints work
13. apr. Easter
20. apr. Sechseläuten
27. apr. Initializing a asteroid field with enemies
4. may Adding the counter
11. may Making the drifts work
18. may (Buffer)
2?. may Presentation

More details

Additionally i could add fog with the electromagnetical currents, add items (after the pick up system works) for health/additional time or shield.

Primary goal is:

  • Checkpoints
  • Asteroid Field with Enemy
  • Counter

Images / Diagrams

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