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Upgrade MinGW

Uninstall the old version of MinGW

  1. Uninstall MinGW - This should be possible with Start/Programs/MinGW/Uninstall (or similar)
  2. The uninstaller of MinGW often doesn't remove all files. Delete the whole MinGW directory manually.

Install the new version of MinGW

  1. Install the latest version of MinGW:
    1. Download and execute the latest version of the MinGW installer
    2. Chose "Download latest repository catalogues"
    3. Chose an install path, default is c:\mingw but every other path without whitespaces works
    4. Select "C Compiler" and "C++ Compiler"
    5. Wait until the installer downloaded and installed all packages
  2. If you installed MinGW to the same directory as before, you can skip this step. Otherwise you have to tell MSYS about the new path:
    1. Open the file c:\<msys-install-path>\etc\fstab with a text-editor (WordPad, Notepad).
    2. Change the path to your MinGW installation. Default is c:/mingw /mingw
  3. Open MSYS and check if the installation worked:
    gcc --version
    You should get something similar to "gcc.exe (GCC) 4.5.x". If you get "sh: gcc: command not found", make sure you installed MinGW correctly and configured MSYS accordingly (see the step above).

Update the dependencies

  1. Delete the old dependency directory (c:\<msys-homedir>\dependencies)
  2. Download the latest dependency package: Download. Extract the archive into c:\<msys-homedir>\
  3. Recompile Orxonox. If you experience problems, ask in the forum.
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