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Building orxonox from source using Linux

This page describes how to build Orxonox using the latest source code.

Get the Source Code

First, create a folder for Orxonox. Then get a copy of the code by checking out the trunk via anonymous subversionlogin . This will download the latest stable version to the directory trunk. If you have trouble using SVN, go here.

user@unix:~> mkdir orxonox
user@unix:~> cd orxonox
user@unix:~/orxonox> svn co

You won't be able to contribute your own code (check in) with the anonymous subversion login. You have to ask us for a username/password combination. If you have an account, check the code out like this:

user@unix:~/orxonox> svn co

You will then be asked for the username and password, that you got from us.

Furthermore, you will need to check out our data repository. This repository contains all the graphics, fonts and sounds and other third-party data for Orxonox. To check it out use the command:

user@ubuntu:~/orxonox> svn co data_extern

Note: If you want to commit any changes to the data repository you will have to use https with login instead (similar as above).

The directory structure should now look like this:



Just cd to the trunk directory, then make a build directory, execute CMake and make and finally run the game.

  • Note: Before running CMake you may want to check out its options.
  • Note: Running make with -j n splits the compiling in n jobs. We suggest to use the number that is twice the number of your CPU cores.
user@ubuntu:~/orxonox> cd trunk
user@ubuntu:~/orxonox/trunk> mkdir build
user@ubuntu:~/orxonox/trunk> cd build
user@ubuntu:~/orxonox/trunk/build> cmake ..
user@ubuntu:~/orxonox/trunk/build> make -j4
user@ubuntu:~/orxonox/trunk/build> ./run
  • If cmake produces some error messages complaining about dependencies make sure you installed everything neccessary for your OS.
  • If orxonox aborts with an error message considering the Media repository make sure that you configured the path of the Media repository (in bin/orxonox.ini) correctly.

Should you experience problems with installing, please have a look at this forum and tell us about your problem.

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