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Possible Problems under Linux

This is a small collection of common problems under Linux. If this cannot help you, try contacting us in the forum, in our IRC channel or via email.

Sound is Strange

Try installing normally and then running Orxonox with the Alsa-OSS-wrapper:

$ sudo aptitude install alsa-oss
$ aoss ./run

Media not found

If ./run doesn't work check out bin/orxonox.ini and compare the given data-path with the one you downloaded the data repository to. If the paths don't match (case sensitivity), change it in the orxonox.ini and try ./run again.

Graphic Glitches

Using the "radeon" driver with your ATI graphics card (on Gutsy) will result in ugly shadow bugs in Ogre. Use flgrx instead.


If you haven't installed Ogre with the package manager, you'll have to change the path in trunk/bin/plugin.cfg from /usr/lib/OGRE to /usr/local/lib/OGRE.

Testing for Working OpenGL Support

To check if your system is configured for OpenGL correctly, open a console, make sure you are not logged in as root and execute the command:

user@ubuntu:~> glxinfo | grep render

This should produce something like this:

direct rendering: Yes
OpenGL renderer string: RADEON 9500 Pro Generic

The OpenGL renderer string will probably look different at your computer, don't panic.

If it says direct rendering: No at your computer, you will have to go over your system configuration again and and look for some good tutorials online to configure it. We can't give you good support, since we are not system specialists ourselves.

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